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What does it take to be a successful leader?

Toronto-based business strategist and management consultant Brad Fauteux agrees with many of the qualities that grab the most attention these days as being necessary for excellence in business leadership.

Confidence. Creativity. The ability to communicate. Honesty. A positive attitude. The ability to inspire and engage others. The list can go on at length.  With that said, Brad Fauteux believes that sometimes such less tangible characteristics get so much attention that the tangible skills that are equally important get lost in the shuffle.

On that front, he says, financial leadership skills rank high as must-haves, whether you’re an entrepreneur or advancing the corporate ladder, as he explains in more detail.

If the need for financial skills is glossed over by the media, do you think it’s something that managers themselves don’t recognize is a necessity?

Bradley Fauteux: Well, I believe that too many managers in areas outside of the finance department don’t have enough of a basic grounding in finance to understand the financial implications of their decisions. There are any number of decisions that can impact their organization’s financial performance – and that spans those made not just by operational managers, but by managers in the “softer” disciplines, like human resources and marketing.